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All of us at Kids Zone are taking the health and welfare of our families very seriously.

We continue to follow the local Public Health Authority in their guidance for childcare in BC.

  • All morning Preschool Zoo room and Junior Kindergarten Safari room classes are finished for this school year.
  • The regular all day care and out of school programs are open. Our summer program is in full swing.
  • Each day the staff upon arrival wash in, and will continue throughout the day.
  • Outside visitors will not be admitted to the centre.
  • Parents will drop off their child and leave promptly.
  • All field trips have been postponed as we wait for restrictions to be lifted. Our beautiful large yard is used daily by the children.
  • Ongoing sanitizing at Kids Zone is the norm and will continue to be.
  • Pick up your child as early as you can arrange to do so.
  • Strict hygiene practices such as cough and sneeze protocol, and handwashing continues.
  • No drop in service for non-regular clients.
You may find the doors locked if we are not close by and will need to ring the bell as we are watching for unannounced visitors.

If you or anyone that lives with you is returning from any outside travel we expect you to communicate with us and use covid19 protocols.

We will be monitoring the situation as it continually changes and appreciate your support.

We will keep you updated as we learn news of change and thank you for your understanding and patience.

Kids Zone Staff and management.


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